Friday, October 23, 2009

Miracle of Love:

Our Journey with Overcomers, Inc.
Lalei E. Gutierrez and Philip R. Belzunce

When we were invited by Lynne Klippel to contribute each of our chapters to the newly published book, Overcomers, Inc.: True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration, we had no idea what was in store for us! We never thought we would embark into yet another process of overcoming. This had been for us an exciting, reflective, opening, co-creating and celebrative experience. All this has happened for us at the same time we have been writing our e-book -- The Ten Pathways of Healing Love: a Journey of Transformation.

During this time of writing, we have found ourselves reviewing our personal life journeys and our relationship journey as a couple. We have also been exploring and reflecting on the evolution of humanity's consciousness and spirituality evolution --the relationships between people, communities, cultures and countries.

We stand in awe of the mysteries and miracles of life. We are astounded at the polarities of experiences, as well as, the adversities and challenges that have led us into amazing discoveries, learning, and growth. We are honored to contribute to the heart-mind-spirit of our world.

Now, more than ever, we are feeling the shifts in consciousness, inviting us into open fields of conversation, sharing and connection.

We are finding that courage is no longer a lonely and secret process, where one blazes through a treacherous trail to survive, to seek one’s higher purpose, to reclaim one’s health, soul or spirit, and/or to answer a call of grace. Courage or lack of it is no longer a virtue to be affirmed upon a person’s demise.

What has stood out for us the most when reading all of the stories in Overcomers is the courage it takes to share one’s story. Did you know that the root of the word COURAGE in French comes from “couer” which means heart?

We all know that it takes heart to have courage. Let’s look at what courage really means.

C - Challenge or Crisis occurs when human beings have some kind of
challenge or crisis caused by either an internal or an external situation or
O – Obstacles will be experienced including feelings of fear, shame,
U – In their Uncertainty they will Uncover an Underlying
R – Risk, Resources, Reflection and a Review of patterned
Reactions will occur.
A – Abilities (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) will be unearthed.
G – Grace will be Given through others kindness, support,
synchronicities, and the unexpected.
E - Exploring new horizons and the Embracing of new discoveries

Such courage, propelled by HOPE, inspires others (38 authors stories) to know that through it all, one has to:

• Let go,
• Surrender to the moment,
• Seek and find,
• Listen to one’s intuition,
• Answer to the call of their heart,
• Breathe,
• Trust,
• Believe,
• Reclaim oneself, and
• Let God do the driving.

We honor all our amazing co-authors that we have joined together with in this project and process. Though we may not know each other in person, we have all connected with the global HEART call and have been brought together for a Higher Purpose.

Together, we co-created with COURAGE to LOVE.

Overcomers is chock full of stories of hope, courage and inspiration. We see this book as an example of co-creating in the higher purpose of Healing Love, to inspire everyone to know that adversity can be overcome and transformed.

With Love and Gratitude,
Lalei and Phil

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  1. Wonderful post about Overcomers and transformation.